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Applied Ultrasonics

Tech in Practical Terms

Applied Ultrasonics is in the business of applying innovative strengthening technology to demanding environments like offshore oil, mining and aerospace manufacturing. Metal fatigue, corrosion and repair can impact the safety and longevity of these investments. Applied Ultrasonics provides a high powered tool that strengthens the useful life and endurance of metal structures.

Managers on offshore oil rigs and in lumber mills need to know how they can decrease the downtime of their crews while keeping their equipment and infrastructure performing at peak efficiencies for longer periods of time. They don’t have time for a science lesson in metallurgy.

Applied Ultrasonics asked for our help. They’d invested 10 years testing and proving the feasibility and cost-effectiveness of their technology to leading government, industrial and academic authorities. They needed a website that spoke in non-scientific, everyday, practical language, demystified ultrasonic energy and a brand image with an authentic persona.

Strength is the fundamental benefit of the ultrasonic energy technology. It’s also a concept that provides a compelling communication platform that enables Applied Ultrasonics to speak to the needs of industrial equipment, crews and infrastructure on their terms. Strength became the lightening rod for the brand’s positioning and means to distill its technology in plain speak.

We created a overarching theme (“Companies That Rely On Strength Rely On Us”) and tagline (“The Sound Of Strength”) for the new website and feature real life vignettes in high def video and flash animation that allow viewers inside the technology to experience its practical applications in their own terms.