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AT&T Mobile

Branding a Beta

AT&T created Mobile First Look as a beta program to advance innovations in applications and to underscore the company’s commitment to lead the industry in innovation. The goal was to collaborate with the developer community and early adopters in an interactive community forum to gain valuable insight into what works and what doesn’t with new apps and content.

Innovation in applications keeps AT&T on the cutting edge as a wireless carrier. Since 2002 when AT&T first launched its devCentral developer relations program, AT&T has been collaborating with and incenting more than 20,000 third party developers to create new applications and innovative content for the world’s major mobile operating systems, including Blackberry, iPhone, Microsoft Windows Mobile, Java, Palm OS and Symbian.

Through Mobile First Look, developers are able to incubate their ideas with AT&T’s customers and get direct access to feedback on apps ratings, feature suggestions and bugs. User-generated content is aggregated to indicate the most active discussions around various applications. Developers can use Mobile First Look to get targeted user input for applications they may have already launched and AT&T customers with compatible handsets can download applications for trial at no cost. The consumer feedback from Mobile First Look is used to help improve its applications portfolio as well as inform its go-to-market activities for applications.

Fleishman-Hillard, a leading global marketing and corporate communications company and one of AT&T roster of agencies, lead the charge to bring the Mobile First Look initiative to life and hired Distributive Networks and Donati Studio to collaborate on the assignment. Distributive Networks was contracted to provide mobile marketing technology and Donati Studio was hired to create the brand identity, website design and brand integration.

We designed a stylish app-friendly website with a new logo, intuitive navigation and dynamic functionality in a virtual storefront environment, and partnered with Distributive Networks to ensure the design and technology were seamlessly integrated.