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Deshazo Crane

Art in the Science of Manufacturing

Seeing is believing with the craftsmanship of DeShazo Crane Manufacturing, a leading original equipment manufacturer with over 10,000 working cranes around the world. DeShazo has been designing, building and installing overhead cranes for over 40 years.

DeSHAZO builds all crane components in-house, a unique capability that ensures that demanding tolerances are met in every step of the custom-build manufacturing operation.

To keep pace with global competition and the growing sophistication of manufacturing marketing, DeSHAZO needed to overhaul its website and rebuild its brand image.

Precision engineering became the focal point upon which we constructed a new image and messaging. The ELEVATED THINKING tagline and real-world examples of DeSHAZO’s unparalleled engineering and manufacturing helped the transformation into a commanding web presence, featuring powerful industrial photography and an engaging narrative.